Training New Skills

It’s easy to reward good behavior if you focus on teaching your dog to do specific things you like. Dogs can learn an impressive array of obedience skills and entertaining tricks. Deciding what you’d like your dog to learn will depend on your interests and lifestyle.

Canine Body Language

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Why bring home a smelly, dirty dog? Have your dog bathed and brushed before you pick him up and save yourself the extra work of washing your dog at home.

Small Breed -- $25.00 + HST

Med   Breed -- $35.00 + HST

Large Breed -- $50.00 + HST

We use

Envirogroom® Hypo Remedy Pet Shampoo

This popular hypoallergenic shampoo is infused with citrus peel extract to provide effective relief from scratching and biting normally associated with fleas and ticks.  Hypo Remedy has excellent cleaning and deodorizing action while soothing sensitive skin using essential oils.  Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks of age.  

If your dog has any skin allergies or conditions please let us know.