Training New Skills

It’s easy to reward good behavior if you focus on teaching your dog to do specific things you like. Dogs can learn an impressive array of obedience skills and entertaining tricks. Deciding what you’d like your dog to learn will depend on your interests and lifestyle.

Canine Body Language

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Client Testimonials:

Luna Bruster

Anyone in the Ottawa area looking for help training or resolving problems with their doggie 🐶 reach out to Canadian Dogfather.

Rob is amazing and knows his stuff. We have used them to train 4 rescue dogs and reach out when any issues arise. Recently we adopted a cat and Luna who has extremely high prey drive was presenting a challenge!!

One quick call to Rob at Canadian Dogfather, 5 minutes of advice and 2 days later........cats still alive and they are buds.

Highly recommend them!




March 29 / 2015

We went on a holiday and Hugo did too. He stayed at Rob's, The Canadian Dogfather. Rob even posts pics of your furry friend so that you can see what a good time they are having. He will even correct any bad behaviour while you are away. He is a dog trainer. There is a saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, that is WRONG.It's a win, win situation. No guilt feelings...Thanks Rob.

Thanks Rob.
Glad to hear your independent now . Still rave about the great work you did
with Stukie and myself. Life changing!

Benji's been gone over a year now, Neo's doing great at 14yrs, but Stukie
is now 15 and a half, and has slowed down a lot - but has had a much
happier last 4 years or so, thanks to you.

‎Take care, and hope you and yours are doing well too.

Hi Rob,

 I just wanted to thank you so much for your valuable training lessons.  Your knowledge and techniques really helped us get back on track and helped us approach training in a new and effective way.  You do this so well and the dogs show the ultimate of respect towards you - I learned a lot just by watching you and your team of various dogs.  What you gave me are the tools to get out there in whatever situation and know that I can handle the "big guy".  Leonbergers can be a challenging breed but Finn has definitely shown the effects of your training method, making my job less challenging and more rewarding (as it should be).  I am so grateful to you.  My son has decided to pick up where you left off and has been outside with me and the dogs working on recalls, sit-stays, etc.  He actually had them both in a sit-stay and did a recall from across the long yard yesterday. 

 Not sure if you caught the play last week but Finn just gave you this look that really mirrored what I felt (you are right, he really is in tune with me) - I was sad to see you go and the lessons come to an end but happy that we have the skills to move forward.   

 Thanks again Rob!



 P.S. We were in training withdrawal this morning! 

Hi Rob!
 I wanted to drop a line and let you know how Harley is doing. It amazes me just how far we've both come since you first met us! We are now both living downtown and loving it. I saw an almost instant improvement in Harley once we settled in.
 We started going to the dog park for at least an hour every day and I noticed that his dominance was still an issue since he was starting fights with other dogs quite often and even had some toy possessive behavior. I was very happy to be able to use the tools you taught me in this new situation. 2 months later people compliment me on how well behaved he is and tolerant of other dogs behavior! Just yesterday he had a puppy crawling all over him and mouthing his toy and Harley was content as could be. Puppies actually tend to really like Harley and he is great at playing gently with them. As far as the fighting goes he's come leaps and bounds! A couple weeks ago there was a Bouvier with major socialization issues (he was muzzled and his owner wasn't correcting any of his unacceptable behavior...poor dog!) and a boxer puppy came in with his owners. They were playing with the puppy when the Bouvier charged over and started head ramming the puppy into the ground while growling and just over all being very aggressive, the owner did nothing. Harley was lying down under the bench I was sitting at (his favorite place between ball throws), he got up and ran over to the dogs. He body checked the Bouvier out of the way, smelled the puppy and once he looked over and saw the Bouvier walking away he trotted back over to lie back under the table. I was so proud! 2 months ago he would have started a fight with the Bouvier but instead calmly broke it up. He's becoming a real peacekeeper in the park!
 Lately I've started biking with him as well and he loves it! I never would have been brave enough to attempt that before doing his obedience training! I find with him the key is draining his energy...because he has sooo much!
 As far as his prey drive goes there has been major improvement in that area too. Pigeons and squirrels barely even phase him anymore. He looks at them with interest (not the intensity he used to) and then looks away. He still gets worked up when he sees a cat in a window or something but we work on that whenever I get the chance.
 I was at the vet due to an ear infection recently and the vet complimented how well behaved Harley is and how great of shape he is in. She said it was obvious I do a lot of work with him (that is thanks to you) :-)
 Over all I just really want to thank you for helping me understand what Harley needs better. He still has some puppy in him and we're always working at being better but over all I am very proud how far we've both come. I honestly can't imagine not having him in my life! Hope everything is going good for you and your family.

 Take care,
  Lisa and Harley :-)

My wife Elizabeth and I finished today the Puppy Kindergarten course.

 My wife and I wish to take this occasion to express our appreciation for the quality of training provided by Rob; his inter-personal skills that enabled us to gain confidence in following and applying his instructions, build upon them between classes and thereby get a progressively more satisfying experience in living with our new puppy.

 For these things and for all his courtesies, care and kindnesses, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the benefit of Rob's services and look forward to continue using his services in some fashion.

 We commend him to you in the strongest possible terms without any reservations or qualifications whatsoever.


 Dogan and Elizabeth

Hey Rob

Just want to say thank you for your help with Luna and Bruster. They say a dog is only as good as its handler, well the handler is only as good as his/her trainer!

Rob you were a pleasure to work with, being flexible and accommodating. Going that extra mile when ever asked to!  Private lessons are definitely the way to go, getting the best bang for your buck. We now have again,two fantastic dogs that we can take with us off leash where ever we go. Except at fireworks shows, Luna's not a fan...haha.

Thanks again

Ruth and Greg

Hey Rob,


I wanted to send an update on us and Griffin! It so happened that we ended moving to Toronto in August while you were on vacation so we actually decided to do the move with Griff and he was amazing! He layed outside of the apartment and just waited for the truck to be loaded, it was amazing! We are in Toronto and he is loving it! We have started bringing him to dog parks and his "humping" has really lessened. We also started dropping his leash and laying it down in parks with him slightly off leash, his recall is great until his nose kicks in to high gear and then he gets selectively "deaf".


We wanted to sincerely thank you again for your private lessons, although he did not attain the gold certificate Adam and I are much more comfortable with him and in him playing with other dogs, which he enjoys so much! He really has adapted well to his new home and I think a lot of that has to do with the skills Adam and I acquired from you. His only new habit that we are trying to break is his new love for howling when we leave but again we feel a lot more comfortable doing so with all we learned.


I actually just sent off your information  to an old colleague who rescued a dog and is dealing with anxiety, so you may be receiving a call soon.


All the best!


Nat and Adam